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DREAM DESIGNS Yoga Bolsters - Various Shapes & Sizes

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Dream Designs' superiorly crafted yoga bolsters are designed to help you with relaxation, to build strength, and improve body alignment during your practice. No matter the type of yoga you do, Dream Designs' bolsters will help to achieve and sustain positioning with greater ease by giving you the confidence and support needed for even the most challenging poses. The range of different shapes mean these bolsters are appropriate for a variety of body types.

  • Gomden: This rectangular buckwheat filled cushion was designed by a Tibetan meditation master and is usually used in conjunction with a zabuton.
  • Zabuton: This floor cushion is used on its own or beneath a zafu or gomden to provide ankle and knee support and comes with fabric ties to enable the zabuton to be rolled for use as a large bolster and for easy transport. The greater dimensions accommodate those with long legs or those who prefer more coverage.
  • Tubular:  Typically used along the spine, this traditional tubular bolster is appropriate for a variety of body types.
  • Rectangular: The width of this rectangular bolster provides greater stability making it preferable to those with broader backs or those working to improve limited flexibility.
  • Round: Very supportive traditional zafu. May be used in conjunction with a zabuton for added comfort.
  • Crescent: Intended to be used as a wedge between your bottom and the floor, the crescent shape offers even greater stability for those new to seated meditation and those with limited flexibility.