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Baba Baskets

BABA TREE Oval Baskets

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The sturdiest of them all. For a plastic-free lifestyle or just a lifestyle that appreciates handmade, fair trade beauty and practicality. Take your basket shopping, to the beach or overnight at a friends.

The Oval basket is a double weave basket that with a sturdy flat bottom and 2 handles that stay out of your way when loading up your basket. This shape requires a specially trained weaver.

Baba Tree provides the highest quality woven baskets from Ghana. All weavers are paid fairly, supporting an entire community in one of the poorest areas of the world. Take home of the most beautiful baskets in the world with the knowing and trust that you are improving the lives of the weavers whose nimble hands have created these gorgeous and functional works of art.

Limited supply.

Shipping for our BABA baskets is irregular due to their volume/weight ratio. We may ask for an additional charge after we calculate shipping for your package.