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Still Eagle. Shopping with a conscience since 1991.

Based in Nelson BC, Still Eagle has specialized in eco-friendly, fair-trade clothing, accessories, and green products for your home for almost 30 years. We carry ethical apparel for women, men and children, yoga wear, organic baby clothes, hemp clothing, natural and hemp body products, organic bedding, eco kitchen accessories, hemp twine, bags, baskets, and more! Consider Still Eagle your one stop eco shop. 


I stumbled upon a store while visiting in Nelson, BC way back in 2011 called 'Still Eagle" and there I became excited as the Nomads line just made me so happy. The styles of clothing, 'the look' was incredible and the feel of the material, just awesome. I am sensitive to clothing that isn't 'real' and back in those days finding what I needed was a difficult task. So the love affair began.

Cat Couture (Google Review)

Great place to find sustainable clothing that will last you a long time. Nice local team that is very helpful

Maxime Pourrat (Google Review)

All the beautiful natural fibers made into fun and funky clothes. I can't stay out of Still Eagle!

Victoria McPherson (Google Review)

Best Shop in Nelson! The guy was so kind and shipped a parcel for me to Germany on Sunday, when the post office was closed. We estimated the shipping costs to low, so he shipped the parcel by his own costs to my home adress in Germany and trusted that I will call him to pay the difference.

Ju Wa (Google Review)