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MACAUSLAND'S 100% Wool Blankets

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  • Regular price $165.00

  • Throw - 52” x 76” $165

  • Double - 72” x 90” $180

  • Queen - 76” x 104” $229

Stay cozy. Comfy natural wool to keep you toasty warm no matter the weather! Stitched with care, MacAusland's wool blankets are made from pure virgin wool by a fourth-generation family business on Prince Edward Island that gets their wool from neighbouring Atlantic provinces. Designed and handcrafted for comfort and coziness, these offer a soft, luxurious feel with the warmth of wool - all without harsh chemicals.

These come in 3 handy sizes - throw , double and queen. 

NB: individual pics of individual blankets are for illustration only. Our available inventory is considerably less than the photos of the 3 piles. Order the size you want and tell us with your order which blanket colours you would like. We will let you know which colours/patterns we have in stock with pictures.