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Our Conscious Suppliers

We choose to work with suppliers who produce quality products in an environmentally sound way and who make sure that those who are making them are treated and paid fairly. We proudly support Canadian companies and are happy to supply a large and expanding selection of Canadian made goods. As it turns out, basically all of our suppliers also happen to be wonderful and thoughtful people who we really enjoy working with.

Want to become one of our suppliers? We are always looking for Canadian-made, fair trade and consciously manufactured products. Just send us a quick email with a catalogue and pricing and we'll talk. What does it take to be designated  Made In Canada? This is the dedication of a manufacturer (and the higher costs of producing in this country mean that it is truly dedication) to keep not only the design and company Canadian, but the manufacturing as well. Still Eagle is proud to support as many Made In Canada companies as we can.

Most of our suppliers are small, independent companies working without huge resources to create environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Our suppliers currently include: