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Still Eagle Planetary Persuasions began in 1991 as a small alternative environmental storefront in the Kootenay region of BC. Shortly thereafter we became one of Canada's first hemp stores, even wholesaling the best hemp products we could find to other stores across Canada.

They were new words then - organic, fair trade, natural, recycled, hemp, organic and eco – and after decades of ourselves and others promoting such products, they’ve now become household words. We still take pride in finding and promoting products that help the planet.

Today, we carry everything from our original hemp twine, to high-quality eco clothing made from alternative fibres, to fair trade baskets, to ethical yoga wear, natural body products, hemp hats, organic socks, fair trade jewellery, and informative books.


Founded over 30 years ago from the vision of trailblazing activist, philanthropist and father Nick Smirnow, Still Eagle is so much more than just a conscious lifestyle store.


Born from a dream of a bald eagle soaring gracefully above the earth, it is the dream of a time when we return to living in deep connection and harmony with self, others and mother earth.

With our business and values rooted in this vision, when you shop at Still Eagle, you can feel at ease that we care about where your products came from, and what they are made of.
The ripples of impact of your purchase extend far beyond supporting our small family business. From a Woman’s Collective in Kenya to a local Kootenay Designer to The EcoSociety we’ve been supporting suppliers of organic, fair trade, natural, recycled, hemp and local brands for 30 years, and are committed to doing so for another 30 years.