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ThermoHair Regular Crew Socks Women's

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What makes the Still Eagle staff so passionate about Thermohair socks?

They soft and elegant and fuzzy.

They are proudly made in Canada on a family farm that prides itself on taking care of their animals care of their animals.,

Mohair is renowned for its warmth, strength, lustre, durability, and easy care, making it an ideal fibre for your feet.

Sheared from young Angora goats, the "kid mohair" is very fine and soft, the most luxurious and expensive of the mohair grades. Unlike wool it is fully machine washable. (No dryer!)

The finished socks are knit in a looped sequence for cushioning, and are blended with 25% nylon for stretch. THERMOHAIR socks are especially insulating for the cold outdoors.

This is the most durable sock you will ever wear! These socks will outwear any you have worn.

Mohair wicks away moisture and can hold water many times its weight without your foot feeling wet.

We’ve been selling these socks for a decade and a half and have had nothing but satisfied customers. Feedback is they’re the longest lasting socks around!

Added bonus - you can wear these socks for several days between washes without foot odor!  Great for camping trip or backpacking trails.

Sizes: S (5-6), M (7-9), L (10-12), XL (13-14)