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CASHMERE CRAFTS hand-stitched wool rugs

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Beautiful designs and amazing craftsmanship is the way to wow guests in your space. Cashmere Crafts' wool and cotton rugs, wall-hangings and cushion covers are entirely handmade by master artisans using centuries-old embroidery techniques. 

Blending modern designs and colours with time-honoured chainstitching techniques, these stunning pieces are timeless in design, aesthetic appeal and have enduring quality. 

Cashmere Crafts was created by Manzoor Wani as a way to support his community back in Kashmir. The company is committed to ensuring a fair trade work environment for the artisans and to using sustainable materials. These stunning works of art are crafted by approximately 60 artisan families in Kashmir who are farmers in the off-season and are able to make a living by creating these textiles. The embroiderers can work from home and take care of their children and still be able to help support their families. 

Please note that though we try to keep our online inventory current, each of these hand-made rugs may not be available or may be slightly different from the items pictured. Please email us at to inquire about our current stock.