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JADEYOGA Yoga Mat Bags - Various Shapes & Sizes

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JADEYOGA makes yoga mat carriers in different varieties: from minimalist, like the Parkia mat carrier to the deluxe Khaya bag with pockets for your towel and other items:

  • Parkia: Made in the US with organic cotton and has adjustable shoulder straps. Roll up your mat for easier carrying and to protect it from the sun's rays. 26" wide and can hold mats up to 6 " in diameter.
  • Macaranga: Organic cotton with adjustable strap. One compartment big enough for a mat and towel and one for personal items.
  • Khaya: The deluxe version with adjustable shoulder strap and a big compartment for your mat, block and a change of clothes. A second compartment for your personal items and a clip for keys.