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Kootenay Filters

Kootenay Air Filters

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BC’s indoor hemp gardeners have been filtering and cleaning air for decades. Their time-tested fans and filters are not only well built, long lasting, and powerful, they are affordable.

The purchase of each filter includes filter, fuzzy pre-filter, fan and switch and will clean between 92 cubic feet and 650 cubic feet of air per minute, depending on the size, 

A few years ago, during a particularly smoky summer, we reached out to Pacific Northwest Garden Supply for their recommendation on the best air filter for these smoke-filled times. We were looking for something to use in the store. Within 24 hours, we, and our customers, were enjoying fresh clean air in the store!  If it's (mercifully) not a smoky summer, these filters are great to cleanse unpleasant odors, dust and other allergens from the air. We have a customer who reports,"I’ve been suffering from hay fever, every spring ever since I can remember. Last year we bought an air filter from your store, and to my amazement, my hay fever symptoms cleared up entirely."



  • stainless steel with charcoal/carbon filter
  • simple to set up
  • no plastic
  • pure function