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MACAUSLAND'S 100% Wool Blankets

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  • Throw - 52” x 76” $120

  • Double - 72” x 90” $165

  • Queen - 76” x 104” $195

Stay cozy. Comfy natural wool to keep you toasty warm no matter the weather! Stitched with care, MacAusland's wool blankets are made from pure virgin wool by a fourth-generation family business on Prince Edward Island that gets their wool from neighbouring Atlantic provinces. Designed and handcrafted for comfort and coziness, these offer a soft, luxurious feel with the warmth of wool - all without harsh chemicals.

These come in 3 handy sizes - throw , double and queen. Throws are in checkered patterns. Doubles and Queens are solid with three stripes.

Note, individual pics of individual blankets are for illustration only. Our available inventory is considerably less than the photos of the 3 piles. Order the size you want and tell us with your order which blanket colours you would like. (Re-ordering from theis small fmily owned mill has an 8 month waiting list, so order soon.