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Soul Comfort

SOUL COMFORT Wool and Hemp Insoles

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These awesome kind-to-sheep insoles will cushion your step , feeling like you are floating on air, and keep your feet warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The sheep wool is sheared from the sheep and stitched into the hemp fabric. Presto, live sheep keep their skins and we havee an eco and sheep-friendly insole.  Available for women and men, in 4 different weights:

  - 350: For uniform work shoes and fitted boots
  - 700: For gumboots and most work boots
  - 850: For cold climate work boots and snow boots

- 950: The ultimate in comfort and health purposes.

The wool cushion also wicks moisture and reduces or eliminates sweaty feet!

Those sheep make a great product!

Machine wash and dry. If they are to be dried in high heat, pre-wet the insoles and put them through a load before cutting to size in case of shrinking.